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The Gas Store Home Services Ltd is authorised and regulated by the financial conduct authority for the purposes of credit brokering FRN 772111

We do not offer an insurance backed guarantee / warranty

Worcester Green-star System Filter

A device fitted to the system which will filter metal from the system which will help prevent sludge build up, this can be cleaned out at service intervals as part of your service. Can be fitted on new or existing boilers.

Combi Save

Save water, gas, time and money. Combination Save controls the flow of water during the firing process, it accelerates the heating of water and reduces the amount of fuel needed in the process. Can be fitted on new or Existing combination boilers.

Maintenance and Power flushing

There are various ways of maintaining your appliances including regular service, and to identify and repair faults as soon as they appear, you can have special products fitted or services carried out to help ensure you appliances run effectively, such as:

Power Flushing, cleanses the system, then we add inhibitors to help prevent further build of of sludge in the system.

Our Recommended Products

Worcester Condense Sure Kit

The Condensate discharge pipe from your boiler, if this runs outside the property there is a chance in severe weather conditions that the discharge pipe can freeze. If the pipe freezes it can cause the boiler to cease operating. This can be fitted on new or existing condensing combination boilers.